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In recent decades, many voices have urged the City of Los Angeles to adopt
a unified policy addressing food security and hunger. In 1989, the city
council authorized the formation of a group to address hunger issues, but
the group was not established for several years.

Then in 1993 the UCLA
Department of Urban Planning released its study, in
which Professor Robert Gottlieb and a group of graduate students
examined food insecurity in one LA neighborhood. The study revealed that
more than one-quarter of the families ran out of money to buy food an
average of five days per month, and a related article in
the Los Angeles Times, increased the pressure to create a food policy, and in
1994 a Voluntary Advisory Commission on Hunger (VACH) finally
convened. The Community Development Department (CDD), the Mayor,
and the President of the City Council appointed VACH’s members. VACH”s
responsibilities centered on the evaluation of hunger in the city and the
creation and coordination of a food security and hunger policy.

One of VACH’s most important activities was conducting a series of public
hearings on hunger and food security in the spring of 1995. These hearings,
along with food insecurity data, pointed to inadequacies in government
anti-hunger safety nets and the inability of the private emergency food
system to meet the growing problems of food security, including those
faced by the working poor. This led to VACH’s conviction that the City of
Los Angeles needed to take an active role in the formation of a
comprehensive food policy.

VACH recommended to the city council the
creation of a broad-based partnership to address the underlying causes of
hunger and food insecurity through the development of community
resources such as urban gardens and food retailers/ outlets, along with
general community economic development. The recommendations also
included a series of food-related policy statements to be adopted by the
City of Los Angeles.

In June 1996, the city council passed a resolution creating the Los Angeles
Food Security and Hunger Partnership (LAFSI-IP). As its name suggests,
LAFSHP incorporates both food security and hunger approaches. VACH
built specific membership stakeholder slots into the structure.

security and hunger.

recommended for LAFSHP to ensure that it would reflect LA’s diversity
and the breadth of food system players. The mayor, CDD, and the president
of the city council each appoint six voting members. Ten local or state
departments may appoint one ex-officio member.

LAFSHP is an advisory body within city government, but has developed
501(c)(3) status to allow it to raise outside funds and move independently
of the city bureaucracy that has so delayed its formation and development.
LAFSHP was granted the power to review, evaluate, and recommend
policies and community development programs. It received seed funds of
$280,000 from the city’s general fund for its first four years. Part of this
money is for hiring an executive director and one staff person.

Los Angeles Food Security and Hunger Partnership Stakeholder Slots

One representative each from:

The private food retail industry

6 an organization working with small grocery stores or a small
grocery owner
a community gardening organization
labor involved in food retailing or processing
an anti-hunger organization
a farmers’ market association
a food bank or other emergency food system provider
a nutrition-based organization
the academic community

Two representatives each from: the religious community, reflecting the religious diversity of Los
Angeles organizations working on economic and community development
in low-income neighborhoods the community at-large.

Three Los Angeles residents who represent clients of agencies that participate in the anti-hunger and food security system


LAFSHP first began meeting in September 1997, but has yet to complete
any major projects, due in part to the lack of staff. It has secured CDBG
funds to begin a program, similar to Community Supported Agriculture,
which will regularly provide low-income residents with fresh produce from
farmers’ markets and community gardens. Part of the original seed funding
is earmarked for other community economic development projects.
Increasing the amount of food available through the LA regional food bank
will be another major focus.

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Case STUDIES – 33
members have remained very engaged during slow periods. Kate
Fitzgerald’s leadership and experience have been important to keeping up
the FPC’s energy and momentum.

Competition for members’ time is another common hazard of food policy
groups. Austin FPC members are highly involved in the community —~ a
potential source of competition – but their awareness of and dedication to
food system issues has carried over to their other commitments. They have
used their connections to advance community food security ideas, and
extended the reach of the FPC by bringing a food system perspective to the
many other committees on which they serve, such as Community Action
and Healthy Austin.

34 – Gerrmo FOOD on THE TABLE

In 1997, concerned citizens, farmers, and representatives of various
government agencies in Tacoma, Washington and surrounding Pierce
County formed a coalition to address gaps in the local food system. Of
particular concern was limited food access for love-income residents and
the loss of farmland and farming. Using the local Native American name
for nearby Mt. Rainier, they called themselves the Tahoma Food System
(TFS). TFS’s successes demonstrate that formal council status is not the only
avenue for food policy action. Many local government channels have been
important for achieving TFS’s goals.

TFS is now incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit housed within
Washington State University’s Pierce County Cooperative Extension. It has

– received a number of grants that have helped jumpstart its Work. Many of

TFS”s programs build on previous Cooperative Extension initiatives, but
TFS has its own staff, projects, and partners. TFS’s major program areas
include community gardening, urban farming, youth employment, and
gleaning. This case study focuses on TFS’s community gardens project and
the role that advocacy, targeting local government, has played in promoting
gardens in Tacoma. TFS runs some of Tacoma’s gardens itself, and provides
coordination to Bridging Urban Gardeners (BUGS), a countywide
community gardening coalition.


Targeting local government to obtain garden resources. TFS has pursued
close relationships with city departments and other governmental agencies,
working with them as partners to foster successful community gardens.
Metro Parks Tacoma operates six of the gardens. The City of Tacoma Solid
Waste program provides soil amendments for the gardens. The Tacoma
Housing Authority supplies plumbing and water to one large community
garden. The City of Tacoma Public Works Department assists by clearing
debris and trash from vacant lots. These department resources have been
key to supplying the in-kind match required by several grants.

Promoting gardens through visibility and contact with policymakers. It is
common practice in many cities to treat community gardening as a
transitional land use; garden land is frequently lost to housing or business
development. Through a number of creative and highly visible strategies,


Tl-“S and BUGS greatly
increased their visibility by
contributing to Tacoma ‘3
winning entry in the All-
American City Contest. At
no cost to the coalition, TI-‘S
used city resources to
produce an 11-minute video
about the gardens, which was
used as supporting material
for Tacoma ‘5 entry. The local
newspaper counted the
community gardens as an
important ingredient in
Tacoma ‘5 success in the
contest, and Tl-‘S proved the
gardens to be a great asset to
the city.

CASE Sruouss – 35
“As a gardening coalition
BUGS has built relationships
with City Council members.
To do this we have asked them
to attend and be part of
community greening and
gardening events and garden
tours. We have also sent them
letters just to inform them of
our successes. The
relationships we have built
have been key to our survival
as a coalition and to the
survival of the neighborhood
gardens.” —— Tahoma Food
System Executive Director

Steven Garrett

TFS has made the gardens more visible to city council members and the
public, and has sown the seeds for community garden support among
influential leaders. City officials and state legislators were invited to events,
most notably a grand tour of the gardens that included food prepared by
low-income gardeners from garden-grown produce. Extension agents and
BUGS members gave mini-presentations on the benefits of community
gardens. Follow-up visits and correspondence about garden successes
helped maintain the relationships with these leaders.

These strategies were critical in securing Community Development Block
Grant (CDBG) funding for the gardens. In Tacoma, 90 percent of CD136

and departments as critical to the success of TFS’s advocacy strategies and
the gardening program itself. A foundation of support within key city
departments has provided the gardens with essential resources. ”Positive
and constant communication” with leaders has helped TFS overcome
barriers to securing both CDBG funding and a more visible status for
gardens. TFS has also made savvy use of local media, employing the
gardens to their full potential as an attractive venue for news stories. TFS
routinely invites local officials to garden events, providing an opportunity
for all involved to gain positive exposure.

As is the case in many cities, land tenure continues to challenge TFS and
Tacoma’s community gardeners. It is hoped that TFS’s strong connections
with policymakers will enhance its chances for obtaining permanent status
for the gardens and its 4.5-acre urban farm.